We are Freiwillige HelferInnen München

We provided basic humanitarian help for more than 165.000 refugees in Munich.

Freiweillige HelferInnen München was formed in 2015 during the German refugee crisis. What started as a random group of people welcoming refugees arriving at Munich’s central train station, turned into a coordinated organization of more than 1000 volunteers per day at peak times.

Right now, we support several shelters in Munich, goverment authorities and other organisations by providing food, clothes, bedding and other basic help. We have also recently started the Mobiles HelferInnen-Team to support refugees travelling through the Balkans.


Wenn Ihr informiert bleiben wollt, wie Ihr geflüchteten Menschen in München helfen könnt, tragt Euch in unseren Newsletter ein! Wir schicken Euch ca.1 x pro Woche Infos zur aktuellen Situation:


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